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    Boss hints at late stay back

    My entry and exits time is closely watched by my boss. Recently, he tried convey me that I should stay back late in the office. I have always finished my work on time and performed well too. Should I ignore the message or converse with other senior officials?

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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back

    There must be certain reasons because of which your boss has asked you to stay back late in the office.You should not ignore the message as it is your boss who has conveyed you to stay back late .You must pay respect to the decision of your Boss.
    -You must definitely discuss with the senior officials regarding this matter.
    -You must discuss this matter with your boss.
    -Try to know what are the reasons behind this decision of him.
    -Explain your point of view.
    -Try to convince him that you can perform well within the stipulated time and overtime can hamper your performance.
    -If some urgency is there,then you can do overtime work for a particular period of time for the benefit of your firm.This will enhance your reputation and help in building good impression.

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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back

    Hi friend

    If you always come to the company on time punctually and always complete your work on time , then you certainly not need to stay for late in the office beyond your working hours.Also your performance being good is an added bonus for you and thus you should not worry about such things. Your boss is surely your leader but he has no right to unnecessarily make you stay back late in the office. He should not take advantage of the good nature of his employees and rather should try and help all the employees and solve their problems being the boss of the company.

    At present you should certainly ignore his message . Wait for sometime and maybe he would stop hinting about such things to you . Then you can certainly have a peaceful mind and concentrate fully on your work. But if even after your ignoring him, he continues to pester you for staying back late then you should certainly consult your senior officials regarding the same or directly talk to your boss. Tell them that you are a good performer of the company and always complete your work on time. Still your boss is asking you to stay back late in the office which according to you is totally unfair. I am sure your senior officials will surely guide you in the right direction and will help you out .

    So dont worry friend . You are in the right here and thus should concentrate on your work rather on such things.You certainly have a bright future. Good luck friend

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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back

    Re: Boss hints at late stay back


    You should converse with the Senior officials and should try to find out as to what was the reason behind your Boss asking you to stay back at late hours.
    Tell them that you have been completing your work on time and efficiently,then what's the point to make you stay back after the office hours.
    There have been a number of cases where the Boss had knowingly forced the employee to stay back and then misbehaved with her when there weren't many people around.
    So be careful and I will suggest you to keep Stungun or Pepper spray with yourself just for your own safety.
    Tell you Boss that you can't stay back due to various personal reasons!


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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back

    Hello !!

    you should first of all think that why your boss said this especially to you only??
    does he has any specific reason behind it.
    reason can be good as well as bad also.

    and then ask others too about the same that do boss has also tell them.
    and than after getting all the points cleared you talk to your seniors officials about this.

    and again thinking all over go and ask your boss that you get late while going home.and working late in the office will make you more late than as usual.
    and do see what your boss say about this.
    take your boss response in a positive way.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back


    * Listen to Boss every time.
    * This will improve the reputation of yours.
    * You may also get promotion in later periods.
    * So obey him , If you had certain issue then must discuss with him.


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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back

    There has to be a reasong for your Boss asking to stay back after your usual office working hours
    If you are able to finish your assigned work on time than you ahve every right to leave the office at the scheduled time.

    You should first ignore your boss messages.
    But still if he insists that you should tell him, that you have finished your work and would be leaving the office on time.
    If he still insists than you should talk to senior Officials , but also involve the HR team in this talk

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    Re: Boss hints at late stay back


    Well in this case you can do one thing
    You can come late,time around when your boss arrives and you can leave late.
    This way you can manage your time.
    or else try to discuss this with your boss about the timing.
    You can discuss that you come early and so it will be difficult to stay late.This causes you problem so you can discuss your concerns and say him that you are completing your work during the general hours.

    Thank you

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