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    Boss encouraging use of liquor at workplace

    I work in a reputed private company. Our boss is one jovial fellow but he has one bad habit that he drinks a lot and that too in the office. This gives encouragement to other employees to use liquor at workplace. But I donít think this is the right practice. What can I do to stop this?

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    Re: Boss encouraging use of liquor at workplace

    Hi aspirant

    Your boss should certainly keep a check on himself and thus not encourage other employees to indulge in such bad practices if he himself cannot control his urge to drink. In this way he is setting a bad example for his employees and this is certainly against his duty of being the boss of the company. Rather than stopping his employees from indulging in such behaviour , he himself is doing the same. Also drinking is a very bad habit and your boss should better realise it. Alcohol is not good for the liver , as we all know, so you should explain your boss the hazards of drinking as it can completely damage his liver and affect his health badly. If he wants to enjoy good health for a longer time, then its better he should get rid of this habit of his otherwise it will be he only who will have to suffer the consequences.

    So you should go to your boss and explain to him the dangers of drinking . Also tell him that he is also encouraging the other employees to drink at workplace which is not good for them as well as for the reputation of the company. Thus he should take control over this habit of his and should set a good example for others by giving it up. In this way the other employers may also leave it if they see his example.

    I am sure your boss will understand you and thus your problem will be solved. Good luck

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