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    Boss asking me to be a part of software development team

    I am working in a MNC and have joined my job just 3 months ago. My boss has been very impressed with me since I joined and has always been motivating me to push myself further. Recently our company has decided to develop a new software, which is very complicated . Now my boss wants me to join the software development team but I have been part of such complicated work before. I am really very nervous. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Boss asking me to be a part of software development team


    Friend , its good that your boss have so much confidence about you. You are saying that you have been a part of such complicated work. then see the brighter side that you have some experience also about this kind of project and that will help you a lot in this project, and if your boss has so much faith in you then you have to show him that he is right, and it seems like you are capable enough to do this kind of work , because if an employee is in good book of boss then definitely he has something in him. So don't get nervous and have faith in yourself.
    You will do good.

    All the best.

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