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    Biasness in training Foreign students and in Indian students

    Why in India there is biasness when a Indian management student goes in a private company for internships and he/she is not been entertained on the other hand if a student from foreign land is coming here they are given first priority?

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    Re: Biasness in training Foreign students and in Indian students

    Good question but i guess its not practised widely, we cant deny the fact because some institutes still practice that. Well sometimes the reason for biasness can be considered genuine because the quality of technical education is better in foreign countries. This makes the foreign students more potential than the average Indians. Not to forget that producing quality students is beneficial for the institute in many ways including prestige and future assistance from foreign companies. Thats not the only reason, maybe the institute is under a contract with some foreign companies and those companies are sending in their pupils to obtain vocational trainings. Although we all know biasness should not be encouraged, I believe its a challenge for us to work harder inorder to put up a competition to those foreign students.

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    Re: Biasness in training Foreign students and in Indian students

    Hi buddy

    If this is the situation in most companies then its really sad and bad for the future of our country..It shows their lack of confidence in the skills of the Indian students..If we arent going to encourage our own students then who will..So the companies which practice such bias and prejudice towards foreign students should get rid of such bias and treat all the employees equally..

    But in my knowledge there are many companies of repute which dont follow such practices and i think you should try in those for getting a good job..You certainly will be happy there working in a good and healthy environment and will show much better growth there..

    So friend all of us should try our best to improve such bias and i really hope in fututre such thuings improve..Good luck

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    Re: Biasness in training Foreign students and in Indian students

    Yes what you have said is true.Here companies do not encourage their own students.Rather they are interested in training foreign students.The reason may be that they might be interested in building good relationship with foreign contries.Or they might have business spread in those countries from where such students have come.You have to work under these circumstancrs only,and get your job done! It is not only you hundreds of other students are also facing the same issues.

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