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    Which is a better option Mainland China or ITC?

    I am a student pursuing final year hotel management. I have been offered job from Mainland China and ITC-Sonar Bangla of Kolkata. Which will be the better one to join to start my profession in this sector? Which one should I accept so that I can get good exposure in future?

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    Re: Which is a better option Mainland China or ITC?

    You should join ITC Sonar Bangla
    The reason is that Main land China is a restaurant chain whereas ITC Sonar Bangla is a 5 star Deluxe hotel.
    Also ITC has good brand name in the hotel industry

    You will be able to learn different aspects of hotels operations while working in the ITC Sonar Bangla as it is a full fledged 5 star Hotels
    Also growth opportunities will be more there

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