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    Best course after 12th which can give best salaried job?

    Ii got 60% marks in 12th exam .Can you suggest me best course after 12th which will give me best salaried job

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    Re: Best course after 12th which can give best salaried job?

    You have not mentioned your field /stream of your 12th class as the courses in the colleges and the opportunities in the fields varies according
    to the stream you have chosen in your 12th class.
    The main thing for getting a good and successful career in your field is the place from which you do your post 12th studies that is your college.
    If you are able to get a good college for your graduation or post graduation than your career will automatically have a good help from your
    degree. There are various courses in every subject and as you are having first division marks in your 12 so you have that minimum eligibility to apply for those courses or entrance exams.
    If you don't find a good college or get an average college than prepare yourself to work hard for the entrance exams of reputed colleges for
    post graduation courses. See at every stage you have opportunities you just have to take right decision.

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