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    Benefits for cashier in a Private Bank?

    I work in a private bank. I have joint recently. In government there is a provision for daily payment of certain amount to cashier of being working at the most risky area. But in private banks do this provision lies?

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    Re: Benefits for cashier in a Private Bank?

    Dear, asker it does't matter in which bank you are working. If it is a private bank as we know in india it will not compete with the government bank, but it will be very much similar to that. As a bank cashier it is the role to interact with the customer daily. Cashier are the first to call for the customer and so will need. Professional and friendly manner to deal with their various transaction and account enquries. When you join as a new cashier you will receive about £8,750 to £ 10,500 depend upon the size of the bank £10,500 to £ 16000 beside these you can get mortage benefit insurance benefit, and other benefit which are admissible to cashier. Time of working of cashier are 9am-5pm.

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    Re: Benefits for cashier in a Private Bank?

    Hi friend,
    You can enjoy all the benefits equal to government bank cashier. Your working times will be from 9am to 5pm. They will provide other allowances like insurance and mortgage loans besides your salary.

    Some private banks provides cab facility for their employees. Some times you have to work more hours. Whatever the benefits they provide to you but it is not equivalent to government job.

    Because in our society government job holders get high respect and recognition without considering their salary and position.

    But two fields are unique don't worry about it . Congratulation and do your work properly. Give your blood to bank. Your services will recognised by your hikes and promotions.

    All the best !!

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