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    Being treated badly by my boss. How to raise my voice against this?

    I am working in a government organisation. From the past few days I have noticed that my boss is treating me very badly , reprimanding me for the smallest of things and even abusing me.I cannot tolerate it anymore. How to raise my voice against this?

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    Re: Being treated badly by my boss. How to raise my voice against this?


    First of all try to find out the root cause of such behavoiur...if you find there is a little mistakes in your part also...rectifi the same...as we hve to judge ourselve first before blaming anyone other...

    If you don't find any fault in you, let wait for some few more days...some time what happened...due to some stress bosses are behaving like that way... this is common...don't worry...

    If still the issue persists..first speak to your boss only...and ask for the reason for this kind of behavoiur with you...ask politely that is there any fauly from your side which needs to be rectified so that the same situation does not arise in future...

    If thenn also he behaves like that way...discuss the issue with HRD or higher authority you have good relation...don't write any mail/letter for the issue immediately...

    Kinldy note raising of voice is not crime....but the same needs to be handled tactfully..

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