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    Being transferred to an undisclosed location

    I am working in a government organisation. Recently my organisation decided to give me a transfer. But when I asked them about the location, they are saying that it canít be disclosed right now and will only be told to me 3 days prior to my transfer.I donít think this is fair. How to deal with such a situation?

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    Re: Being transferred to an undisclosed location


    Just be possitive. These types of transfer do occur at work place so nothing
    to worry about. You need to calm your nerver and only then you can be able to
    judge the postitive sides of the transfer. You will be able to meet new colleagues
    in a new place. Is not it great???


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    Re: Being transferred to an undisclosed location

    Dear Aspirant,

    Transfer of service means transfer from table to table which occurs in a government secretariat office and another transfer means change of place which may be district to district in case of state government and from state to state in case of central
    government job. If services of the employees are confined in the district only the transfer is made from block to block or office to office in a district headquarter. Transfer for teachers can also be made from school to school as per the jurisdiction of transfer.

    Since the government has rule for transferring its employees in a period of three to five years in order to have full interest and concentration on the office works. If employees are not transferred they will get involved in local politics and self-development. T
    ransfer implies transferring of employees from one place to another surprisingly, but in practical there may be chance of adjustment for transfers internally with the officials, for which you have no right to claim for it.

    So, being an employee you must obey the official protocol. On
    transferring to inconvenient place you can represent with proper ground to change the place. So, have patience and wait and watch the result.

    Thanks and good luck.

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    Re: Being transferred to an undisclosed location

    Hi aspirant

    I think that you should definitely try to find your location of transfer from your company now only so that you can do your preparations according to that and don't have to face any problem later on. You should certainly know that what kind of climate will be there and that what kind of food will be available so that you can prepare accordingly. If you come to know about these things just 3 days prior to your transfer then it will become very difficult for you to plan accordingly.

    So yous should again go and talk to your management. Tell them that you hope that they might be able to tell you the location of your place of transfer well in advance so that you can do the preparations accordingly otherwise you will have to face many problems later on and even your transfer may be delayed. So you hope that they will look into this matter and thus will help you accordingly.

    I hope that your management is able to help you if it is within their control. Good luck for your new journey. Thanks

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    Re: Being transferred to an undisclosed location

    Dear this is real thing in the organizations and under the government and no information will be shared by the management to you about your transfer because there may be some problem in the transfer you have and that is why the information is confidential yet and you should also obey the rules and instructions of the professional arena and try to adjust yourself in any location and they will not give you any wrong location for job because everyone know that who can settle where that is why you will get right location of your job and you should accept it happily and if you will take it as a big issue then you may be sent to any negative location that would not be good for you and for your career in that department so wait for prior three days of the transfer and you will get your transfer letter that will show you the exact location

    All the best

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