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    Being removed from my job during the maternity leave period

    I am a female employee in a software company. Recently I was on my maternity leave. When I came back I found that for some weird reason my post has been given to someone else.When I asked my manager, he told me that I have been removed from my post and cited my bad performance as an excuse for the same. But I donít think it is true as I have always been a good employee. What should I do to get my job back?

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    Re: Being removed from my job during the maternity leave period

    Hello !!!

    sorry for the happenings with you.
    also the things happened with you was really not good.
    since you were on the maternity leave,so you have complete right to ask you senior authority why they did it with you.
    if the will give you the above excuse then make them realise that you were the loyal and working hard employee before the leave you have taken.
    also try to give all your feedback of the job profile you were having before your leave.

    if your senior authority are great people.
    than they will surely understand this.
    and you will get your position back.

    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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    Re: Being removed from my job during the maternity leave period

    Hi friend

    I think it is illegal on the part of your company to remove you from your job while you were on your maternity leave. They have no right to do so and thus you should fight for justice in this case. You should talk to your management and this point clarified from them as soon as possible and thus your position clear to them. Tell them that as you were on your maternity leave , they are not allowed legally to remove you from your job. So if they dont give you your job back you will file a complaint against them which will lead to defamation of their company. So its better for them to give your job back.

    Also tell your management that the reason cited by them for your removal is completely false as you have also been a good performer and have even proof of that in the form of many appraisal received from them. They have no right to throw you out of the company in this manner and thus deserve to be punished if they do so. You really want to maintain good relations with them as before but they are the ones forcing you to take this step.

    I am sure friend that your management will understand you and thus give you your position back as they will have no other choice. Best of luck to you

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    Re: Being removed from my job during the maternity leave period


    * If yo had signed any contact or agreement letter than you can challenge company in court.
    * In absence of agreement you can only request your boss.
    * If boss find that you can be re hired then he will hire you.
    * Otherwise you need to search job in some other place.
    * These circumstances many arise in absence of agreement.


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