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    Being promised that my post will be available again after 3 months

    I was recently made redundant due to non-availability of any project. But my boss promised me that my post will be available again after 3 months when they will get a new project. Now I am really in a dilemma. Should I look for a temporary job in the meanwhile or find another permanent job? What if my position is not available even after 3 months?

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    Re: Being promised that my post will be available again after 3 months

    Hi aspirant

    You should certainly not take any chance with your career and definitely try to look for another good job in the meanwhile so that if even after 3 months your position is not made available then atleast you will have something to fall back upon. If your boss would have given this to you in written then you would have been sure but as of now he has just told you so and no one can predict what the future holds for us.

    So in my opinion you should try finding a job with no bond period right now so that if after 3 months your post is made available again , then you can leave the job and join your old company again.Also you will have something to earn in the interim and would thus be able to support your family. So friend look for a good job in the meanwhile with a good salary but no bond period. That is the best option for you right now.

    Good luck for your future

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    Re: Being promised that my post will be available again after 3 months

    Hello Friend,
    Yeah this situation is pretty common in each and every company ,actually company recruits more than they can provide project ,but getting project and more employee in buffer is directly dependent on each other,if you have more number of resources then only you can expect for a good project.and if they have project they can assign more resources to that,so which ever company you switch you will face the same problem,if they dont have project then you have to wait in buffer till they get any new project.so if your HR promises you to assign you in a project in 3 months then he will definitely try that and if he fails means that company dont have project to accompany these buffer resources.
    you can search for job,or expertise your skills,do certification in the mean time if you want,and if you want to switch a company then switch to one who have good market condition and lots of project in queue such that you will be assigned to one.
    Thank You.

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