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    Being overburdened due to good performance

    I am an employee working in a private firm. I am very good at my work and my performance is much better than other employees. I receive a lot of appreciation from my seniors. But from the past few days my manager has been giving me a lot of extra work due to my good performance. Its ok upto a limit but now he is overburdening me and i have to work for extra hours which is completely stressing me out. Please tell me what should i do in such a case ?

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    Re: Being overburdened due to good performance


    Its good to see that your performance has been appreciated by your senior collegues.I would say that they have taken bit advantage of it,and has overburdened you with plenty of extra work.This can be a way to check how much you have the capacity to handle pressure.If you succed thsn you may get a promotion.If you find it really hard to handle the present situation,you may ask your boss to give some relief from the extra burden.

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    Re: Being overburdened due to good performance

    Hi aspirant..

    I am happy that you are performing well in your company and are one of the competent employees. It is very important to be competent in this cut-throat competition of today. So that is certainly one of your good qualities. But of course to be overburdened with work is certainly not right on part of your manager and he should only give you that much work which does not stress you out.

    So its better that rather than stressing yourself, which in turn will affect your health, you talk to your manager regarding this and tell him that you are being given too much work and because of this you are not able to take proper rest which is affecting your health. This is certainly not good for you as it will affect your work performance and you will not be able to give your best to the company.So request him to lessen your work.

    I am quite sure he will listen to you as he will not want your performance to deteriorate as that will be bad for te company.

    Best of luck to you

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