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    Being harassed to do extra time of work

    I am working in a software company in a development stream. I am forced to work beyond the normal hours of work. If i start to home after completing my work then also my team members and manager forcing me to stay and work with them. But they are staying very near to office. Am staying at long distance so i need to start to home little early. What can i do now to get rid of this problem ?

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    Re: Being harassed to do extra time of work

    Dear Aspirant,

    In practical every things do not move as per law & to the point.In this case, I would like to advice you to be practical.When all the employees are working for more time ,you must accompany them,otherwise you will be set alone & you won't get any co-opeeration from either your colleagues or from the management.Some you will be late due to some reason ,for which you will be punished.

    So make your own arrangement to be in the company of your colleagues for office works.If you have any imergency,you must tell it to the manager for permission.You can also ajust working more time as per your convinient & with permission of the manager & colleagues.second option to send a legal notice or from the notice of labour court depending upon case.But you will have more pain & less relief in this case.


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    Re: Being harassed to do extra time of work

    No employer has a legal right to compel any particular employee to work overtime beyond the normal working hours. It is the wish of the employee whether to work over time or not. Even if he work overtime he is liable to get twice the salary for the over time period which he have worked.

    If it is really a problem for you, then you can directly meet the concern person and request him not to compel you to take overtime work by explaining your difficulty.

    Even then if they compel you to work overtime you can directly approach the concern assistant labour officer in your area and give a written compliant to him. Rest of the things he will take care of.
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    Re: Being harassed to do extra time of work


    This is a situation that many of the person has to face in today's working culture. Manager take lots of work to get a appraisal and if they do not meet the deadline they start harrasing the team mates by telling them to work extra. Also they tell them to work on holidays. You can do few things to overcome these situation. First of all you should raise this issue in the meeting with HR and tell them you can not work extra due to certain problems in the family.

    One more thing is to talk to your manager that you need extra money for this extra workings or at least extra hours should be counted and give us leave to fulfill the gap caused by extra hours.

    Talking is not the only solution, You can take this issue in front of Employee Union and tell them about the issue. Also you can advice HR to recruit more people because of the work load.

    Hope you will get your answer in this.


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    Re: Being harassed to do extra time of work

    Hai sir......................

    Let me know this is happening from the begining or since your project

    they are insisting you meand they need you to complete the work in time .

    So for this you may not worry much you have to face these type of things to get reacg=h the higher position the company...............

    So donot think negative about your team because they are also staying with you in completing work

    i hope you understand

    thank you

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    Re: Being harassed to do extra time of work

    hello sirThere is no any rule of overtime load that is mandatory to all employees in private company.If concerned employee is working according his/her strength then any employer can not force to over work.But it is common that in emergency any candidate can be call for serve his/her duty.generally in private firms boss or manager force to overload but it should be occasionally not at all time.it can take a form in festivals session or company get any big projects.But awareness is important that you are going to do.once you should Refuse to cooprate along with harassment masked as humour debat with Clarifying your understanding of differences among harassment, freedom of speech, academic freedom, and performance management.I hope it will be effective definitely.thanks you
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