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    Being demoted due to false accusations by my colleague

    I am working in a private firm. I got serious with one of my colleagues but recently we had a break-up due to some personal differences. In her opinion I was the culprit and so take her revenge on me, she made a lot of false accusations against me to the manager . As a result I was demoted from my position. Now how should I handle this situation and prove myself innocent?

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    Re: Being demoted due to false accusations by my colleague

    This is quite an unexpected attitude shown by the colleague of yours.She did not do the right thing by bringing the personal differences into the professional life and making false accusations against you.On your part,you should not be discouraged by either your demotion or her activities.This is because the more you react to her acts the greater pleasure she will get and the greater harm she would like to cause to you.

    Hence you have to prove your innocence by doing your work with perfection.Do not get disheartened or discouraged by your demotion.Instead work hard more and try to achieve success in whatever work you do.Be focused towards your work and your goal.Do not pay any heed to your colleague words or activities.

    When you find opportunity discuss with your boss regarding your demotion.Try to know the reasons that compelled the higher authority to take such decision against you.Get to know what are your mistakes and what the company expects from you.Also get to know what improvement you should do and by what means.Assure your boss of better service from then on.

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    Re: Being demoted due to false accusations by my colleague

    Hi friend

    It is very disheartening to know that such things also happen. You definitely don't deserve this demotion as you haven't done anything wrong and should definitely get justice for the same. Your manager should not have demoted just on the basis of some accusations by your colleague without any concrete evidence in its support. You should definitely raise your voice against this matter and should not sit quietly in this matter. You have been wronged in this matter and you should definitely ask for justice.

    You should go and clear this matter with your manager as soon as possible and should not delay this anymore. Your company has no right to take undue advantage of you in this manner and should definitely give you justice on the basis of the evidence you are going to present to them. So friend you should collect some evidence to prove yourself innocent. You can ask some of your colleagues who know about your story to give evidence in your favour . They will definitely help you out as they know that you haven't done anything wrong.

    So after evidence in your innocence you should go to your manager and talk to him personally. Tell him that your colleague has just made a lot of false accusations against you and none of them are true. She has blamed you in this way just to take her revenge . Actually you two were in a serious relatinship and had a break up recently. She thought that you were the culprit and thus to take her revenge on you she resorted to such means as making false accusations against you. You haven't done anything wrong and thus does not deserve to be demoted. You hope that they will understand your point and will give you your previous position back.

    Then you can present your evidence also in the form of your colleagues who were a witness to your story and then I am sure your manager will definitely take a look into this matter again. When he will see that all the evidence points in your favour he will definitely apologize to you for doing injustice to you and will give you your previous position back. Then you can heave a sigh of relieve. Also your colleague will get the punishment she deserves.

    So friend I hope that you get your justice and the manager also favours you as you are right here. I hope you have a successful and bright future. Good luck

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