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    Being criticized for not mingling with my coworkers in office

    I had a performance review meeting with my manager two days back and he told me that I am not interacting with my coworkers enough. I am by nature a very shy person and donít talk much. He also says that I am very quiet and not participative during office activities. Can the manager make comments on my social skills during performance review or she is just stepping the boundaries?

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    Re: Being criticized for not mingling with my coworkers in office

    Hi friend

    Interaction with your colleagues as well as participation in office activities is also an important aspect of your job and your manager is certainly doing the right thing by mentioning these in your performance review. She is not crossing any limits or stepping any boundaries and you should try and respect her views rather than behaving in such a manner. Whatever she has mentioned is for your good only and you should not take it in a negative sense. Rather you should be thankful to her for mentioning your faults so that you are not in dark and thus can overcome your shortcomings now that she has told you about them.

    So friend try to take all these comments about your shy nature and personality in a positive sense and thus try to show some improvements in this regard if you really want to be a successful employee in this or in fact any other company. I am sure all the companies now-a-days want their employees to have an extrovert personality and no one likes introverts at all. They will always want you to participate actively in all the office activities and also to inermingle with your colleagues and not only be a silent spectator. You should take active part in all the discussions amomg your colleagues
    and try to maintain good relations with them.

    So friend I am sure that with a little effort and dedication you can certainly change yourself and show a great improvement in your personality. Try not to be shy and thus keep on interacting with your colleagues whenever you get a chance. Try to make as many friends as possible and always participate actively in office activities as that's the only way you will remain in the good books of your manager.

    So friend never take anything that your manager tells you in a bad and negative way. Always remember that your manager will not gain anything by just putting you down but she is only telling you these things so that you can come up in your company and thus reach higher levels of success.

    Believe in yourself. Good luck and Thanks

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