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    Being called back from my maternity leave in software company

    I am working in a software company. Recently I was on my maternity leave and had still 1 month to go before I resumed my work. But just yesterday I got a call from the company calling me back to work urgently. When I asked the reason, they told me that an important project had come up and I was required to handle it. But I donít feel that I have recovered fully. What to do in such a situation?

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    Re: Being called back from my maternity leave in software company

    Hi buddy

    You should definitely not overstress yourself at this time and your company should also understand the same. They should not force you to handle an important project at this time when you are not in the condition to do so. They should understand your problem and not behave with you in such a manner. You should straightforward tell them that you won't be able to come before your maternity leave ends due to your health concerns as advised by your doctor. Give them your medical certificate which will be enough to make them silent.

    So friend you should not let your company do such injustice to you and should definitely try to fight this situation bravely. Don't accept defeat in this case as you have the right to avail the whole of your maternity leave and should not let your company take undue advatage of you in this manner. Telephone your manager and tell him that you will be coming only after your maternity leave is over. So you will be able to handle this project only then. Till then they can employee someone else in your place.

    I am sure your company will accept your wishes and let you have your own way. Good luck and Thanks

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