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    Asked to quit over 3 months of maternity leave

    I have been working with a software company. I was on maternity leave but after resuming, I was asked to quit and thatís also without salary. All my colleagues have received salary but I have not received one yet. How should I ask about the same?

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    Re: Asked to quit over 3 months of maternity leave

    Hi buddy

    I think you have been done great injustice and should surely raise your voice in this matter. your company has no right to ask you to quit without giving you prior information regarding the same and to behave with you in such a manner and that too fter your maternity leave. If we go according to the government rules and according to the laws of the Maternity Act, I don't think your company can terminate your services in this manner. You should definitely goa nd speak to your higher authorities regarding this.

    Ask them thereason the company is asking you to quit just after the maternity leave. You don't think this is right on their part plus it is illegal as well. According to the Maternity Act , they can't force you to quit just after your maternity leave is over. Also they haven't given you your salary yet which is another irresponsible and negligent behaviour on their part. So you hope that they don't do such a thing and withdraw their decision to make you quit. Also you hope you will get your salary soon. Otherwise you will be forced to drag them to court which you are sure won't be good for their reputation.

    I am sure your management will feel ashamed of their actions and will hopefully give you your job back. Good luck. I hope you get justice

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