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    Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”

    I often come across the question during the interview-”What is your greatest achievement?.” But till now,I could not give a proper answer to it as i have many things to say and get confuse as to what will be the proper thing to say. What answer should I give to this question to create a good impression in the minds of people taking the interview?

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    Re: Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”

    This is quite a common and tricky question asked in the interviews often.Many times it is found that the candidates are in a dilemma to state which achievement in order to impress the interviewer.There is a common confusion regarding which incident can the candidates make their greatest achievement till date.So your answer should be more professional oriented rather then personal.

    The question is basically asked to know what personal qualities were required to achieve to achieve such a great success.This will enlighten the interviewers with good qualities within you which might be they are searching for their job post.You should not relate your greatest achievement to long past.You should tell an incident from your recent past.

    You can mention about your academic performances or certain extra curricular activities.It will be good to relate your achievements with the recent completion of a good project and being rewarded.You should mention about an achievement that boosted you at work,an achievement that increased your self confidence and also helped others in some way.

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    Re: Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”

    These questions you come across only during the personal interviews only,you should be very smart in answers these questions as because they only test your attitude, honesty of a person... the answer you give to this questions is your personal or academic achievements or activities you have done which benefited others.. it may be in area of education or social activities etc be honest and true in giving replies

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    Re: Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”

    Hello Friend,
    may be you have many things but you are allowed to say only one ,then you have to decide which one is the greatest achievement in respect to difficulty .
    tell the one which had some responsibility and had be performed in group and you performed as a leader.
    any social activity any task or any previous work,project or internship..etc
    better to tell that one which involved a team and in which you took initiative to solve a task where others failed and you successfully completed it.
    that will make you different from others and create a good impression infrontof interviewer.
    thank You

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    Re: Answer to- "What is your greatest achievement?”

    hello friends..

    to answer like this

    @it is important to that you pick an achievement that you are genuinely proud of some thing that is true to you

    @when we tell stories we naturally relieve the emotions we felt during that time

    @and you want to passionate and enagaging when talking to interviwer

    for more details watch the following video

    all the best

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