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    Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    I often come across the question during the interview-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?.” But till now,I could not give a proper answer to it as i have many things to say and get confuse as to what will be the proper thing to say. What answer should I give to this question to create a good impression in the minds of people taking the interview?

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    Re: Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    Hi buddy

    This question is really a tricky one and thus I can understand your dilemma in getting confused while answering this question. You should have clarity of thought while answering such questions and then only you will be able to impress your interviewer. So you should first prepare this answer beforehand only before you go for any interview in the future. Then it will be easier for you to answer it in front of the interviewer that time and also you will feel more confident at that time. Take the nervousness out of you and then you will notice the difference.

    Most of the jobs have repetitive work for the employees, thus most of the employees have to face this situation. You should tell the examiner that you love doing your work and thus you don't mind the repetition of it at all. You find your work very interesting and thus do it with full dedication, even though it is repetitive. Most of the jobs in todays times offer repetitive work to the employees and so this has no effect on you. As long as you are focussed you don't mind it.You are the kind of person who will put in 100% efforts in his work and thus not not mind the repetition at all.

    Also add other things that are in your mind and make up a good answer. Pour your genuine feelings in front of the interviewer and I am sure he will be impressed with you. Good luck for your forthcoming interviews.

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    Re: Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    Dear aspirant,
    If you are fresher and you are looking for a job you have to phase some critical questions like this but don't be nervous you have to answer this question nicely and add into your answer that you would more enjoy if you get some extra different work within routine job.i hope your boss can understand what you want to mean him.

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    Re: Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    Hello ,
    I guess there is an ovious answer to this question . No one likes to perform the same task over an over again if
    he has the education qualification of performing higher end tasks .
    I guess you can answer it like - I dont mind doing some tasks repeatedly but i always like to
    do new things which give me something new to learn .
    I would prefer to increase my knowledge by taking on various tasks rather than perform the
    same task over and over again.

    • Never the less , you can make it certain that you are responsible and act upon as the task requires .

    If the task involves doing some thing repeatedly I will not get bored and perform it with less interest .
    tell him I get involved with whatever i work on .

    But Prefer working on new and diff projects which would expand my depth and understanding of various things .

    Dont be very starght forward that you cannot stand doing one thing over and over again , make a light statement .
    Thank you .

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    Re: Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    Hello, My first suggestion will be,be honest about what ypu are saying in front of the interviewer.This is because,the people who sit on the other side of the people are experienced ones.They can easily understand what you are saying is true or just for the sake of pleasing them! If I would have been in your place that Any work whether repetitive or not is a work,and it has to be done properly.At times it may seem dull or boring,but it will be my extra touch that would make the dull work interesting!

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    Re: Answer to-”How do you feel about doing repetitive work?”

    Hello Friend,
    You can answer it like ,sir i will take up any work assigned to me and i will work on it without any hesitation.i will try to learn more and explore different perspective of that work and if the work gets repeated then it will be helpful for me to expertise in that work and i could be able to perform more tasks in limited time frame which will increase my efficiency and productivity of the project.
    Thank You

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