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    Am I liable for losses to company property while working?

    I work as a sales manager in an automobile company where I have to go for test drive very often. Will I be liable for the losses to be borne if any harm to the vehicle occurs while a test drive for which nothing has been done intentionally or I will be liable? Please let me know my rights?

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    Re: Am I liable for losses to company property while working?


    The issue highlighted is purely depend on the contract entered into with the company...you have to learn the policies and terms & conditions for test drive....
    It will clearly mentioned in the terms and conditions for test drive cases...whether the incidents occurs intentionally or unintentionally, it is the onus upon you to prove the same....
    However in most of the companies it is clearly mentioned what will happen in case of test drive cars...what are the situations when the damage will be treated as loss and whan the same will not...

    Please check with your company the norms set...get a written confirmation from the company, if you don't have the same, so that no issues will arise in future...

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    Re: Am I liable for losses to company property while working?

    It is right on your part to think on such things as it is always possible that you can come across such situation now or then.

    See these things depends on the policy the company is following, normally there are insurance involved in such things but things can vary.

    So it is better that you ask your HR about your confusion, also you can look into the terms and conditions of your employment.

    As there will be no proof that you have done anything intentionally or not so it would be much better if you make such confusions clear with the

    management so that you might not have to face any problem in future.

    Don't keep such important questions in your mind.

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