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    Am I entitled to maternity leave during training period?

    I am in the third month of my trial period in my new job and have recently found out that I am about three weeks pregnant. Can I ask for maternity leave when I am in the trial period. I have not told anybody in office because I am afraid they might ask me to leave. should i tell them now or wait for my trial period to be over?

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    Re: Am I entitled to maternity leave during training period?

    Hi aspirant

    You are not eligible to take maternity leave unless you have completed atleast 6 months as an employee in the company. Also you can avail this leave only 3 months before the expected date of delivery and I think you are at a very early stage of your pregnacy and thus are not eligible to avail the maternity leave at present. But of course if you are not feeling well and are unable to take this much stress, you must consult your gynaecologist and take her advice. If she advises you to take leave then you can avail your medical or sick leaves for now.

    Also you should not be afraid of disclosing to your employers about your pregnacy as it will not lead to you getting ousted from the job. They might understand you and may even give you the leave. And if they are so ruthless so as you fire you from the job, then its better you dont stay here at a place where there is no respect for you and where no one cares for your integrity. Thus friend take proper care of you and your baby at this stage which is the most important for you now. Eat healthy and extra as per your requirements and that of the baby.Take proper rest and dont exert too much.

    Wishing you a safe delivery. All the best and Good luck

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