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    Are allowances being compensated if no services taken?

    In corporate there is a provision that employer provide with some allowances as benefits to the employees. But if the employee does not take any allowance benefits then can he claim for monetary compensation against this or not?

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    Re: Are allowances being compensated if no services taken?

    Allowances are generally given to help the employee to reduce the burden from his salary.

    So that an employee can afford to live and work easily with his basic pay.

    Monetary compensation against an allowance depends upon the companies policy with respect to allowances.

    Employee can get a monetary compensation against an allowance depending upon the type of allowance he wants to convert to cash.

    It might also be possible that there might not be any provisions related to this and it would be like take it or leave it thing.

    So it is best that you go to your HR and discuss this matter with him.

    Also if you have the bond signed by you consisting the terms and conditions you can possibly find it there.

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