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    Is it advisable to go against the management?

    I am a manager of a private firm. Recently the management of our organisation have decided that all the employees have to switch off their mobile phones when they enter the office premises. The employees are quite disturbed with this and have requested me to allow them to switch on their mobiles as I am the only one who supervise them during working hours unless inspection. Will it be good to go against the management and allow them to switch on their mobiles in the office premises as they are efficient employees and I don't want to lose them?

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    Re: Is it advisable to go against the management?

    It is a great problem for you to decide and take a decision in this matter.However,we are here to help you out and guide you to the right path.You are in such a stage where one wrong step can spoil your reputation and on the other can force you to face the dissatisfaction of the employees.As they are efficient employees,so you should take their side and do as far as possible.

    -First of all,discuss this matter with the management.
    -Explain them the negative effects of the decision that your firm is facing.
    -Ask your employees to submit a petition with signature of each employee against the decision of the management.
    -Show that to the management.
    -Explain that even if the employees keep their mobiles on,they are quite efficient at work.Moreover,there can be any emergency in their personal life.So,it is required to see the interest of the employees as well.

    Remember,you should keep yourself on a safer side and then go for decisions as any wrong decision can spoil your career.So,do as directed by the management.In order to help the employees,you may speak for them to the management and express their views rather than going against the decision of the management.In case the management does not agree and sticks to their original decision,you can ask the employees who needs to keep their mobiles on, to submit a letter for keeping the mobiles on, stating reasons, on daily basis.

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    Re: Is it advisable to go against the management?

    Hi aspirant

    I dont think it is advisable for you to go against your management as you may then be in the danger of losing your job if by any chance your management comes to know about it. Any of your employees, who has a mischievious streak or is adept at underhand things or is related in some way to one or the other member of your management; can leak this information to the management and then you will certainly be in big trouble. So rather than going against your management , you should go and discuss this issue with them.

    You should tell the management that the employees are very dissatisfied with this decision of theirs of swithching of mobile during working hours and you are afraid some of them might leave their jobs due to this reason. As they all are very efficient employees, so you do not want to lose any of them.

    I am hope your management looks at this matter from the viewpoint of the employees as to the troubles they would face if they cant use their mobiles, then I am sure they will take some good decision in their favour. All the best and Thanks

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