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    Action against teachers doing private tutions

    I am a principal of a private school. Recently it has come to my notice that few teachers are doing private tutions inspite of ban imposed on private tutions by teachers from the management of our school. As a result of private tutions,they are not teaching well in class. What action can be taken against them?

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    Re: Action against teachers doing private tutions

    Re: Action against teachers doing private tutions


    I think many teachers are doing private tutions.
    You can conduct the meeting with your staff.
    You can ask the why are teaching with private tutions.
    Your teacher not responding you can immediately action them.
    I think this few teachers you can dismiss them.
    You can new staff joying your private School.
    They are many unemployed persons there.
    So you can new teachers joying to the your private school.


    GOOD LUCK.........

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    Re: Action against teachers doing private tutions

    Hi aspirant

    As the Principal of the school you should certainly take some action against the teachers who are breaking the rules and regulations of your school. They should learn to be responsible and loyal towards their school. They should not break the boundaries which have been imposed upon them. If they have been banned from taking private tuitions , they should not do so and in turn if it is affecting their teaching in class, they should be even more careful.

    You should definitely take some strict action against them and should teach them a lesson that they will never forget. You call them to your office and tell them that you have come to know that they are taking private tutitions inspite of the management's ban on the same and as a result their teaching in class is suffering as well. They will be certainly punished for breaking the rules in such a way. And you hope that the next time they don't repeat this otherwise they will be terminated from their jobs.

    You can punish them by asking them to pay a fine or banning them from coming to school for a few days with loss of pay. I am sure they will learn their lesson and not repeat such a mistake again. Good luck

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    Re: Action against teachers doing private tutions

    Hello Sir,
    Actually as per govt rules any govt school /college teacher or lecture should not give any private tuition else strong action will be taken against him .but there was no such rule in general for private institutes .but here you are saying these rules are set for your school by school management so as an employee of your school the teacher should abide by the rules and regulation and incase any discrepancy in this you can take strong action against the faculty.first just warn them to stop private tuition at once else they will be terminated from job .you will see they will stop giving private tuition anymore and if they continue even after your warning then terminate one or two which will set a example for other and they will follow the rules.
    Thank You

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    Re: Action against teachers doing private tutions


    Yes there has been a recent trend of taking tuition classes instead of teaching properly in class.Ome reachers show extreme audacity of taking tuition classes inspite of ban from the school authorities.You need to firstly confirm such allegation by making sudden visit at their home,specially during evening.After identifying such teachers,simply fire them.Otherwise they wont learn a good lesson.Or else give them a final warning,and keep a good watch on them so that no one dares to do such thing again .

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