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    Action against teacher provoking students against a party?

    I am a principal of a government college of West Bengal. Recently it has come to my notice that one teacher is provoking his students to go against a party whom he does not support. he is also provoking them to indulge in violent activities for the sake of his party. What action can be taken against the teacher to lead the students in the right path?

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    Re: Action against teacher provoking students against a party?

    Activities like provoking students against a party is not expected from a teacher.It can have several bad consequences not only on the students but also on the reputation of the college.It can influence many students,they might get into enraging activities and create chaos because of this provoke.Hence you should take strict action against this.

    -First investigate the matter and find some evidence against him.
    -Then summon him for a meeting.
    -Hand over a show cause notice and ask him to reply on that meeting.
    -Involve the college management as well in this matter.
    -After listening to his words for his act,take appropriate decision against him.
    -You can give a warning.
    -You can ask him to write an undertaking to not repeat any such activities.
    -You can also suspend him if the case is too serious.

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    Re: Action against teacher provoking students against a party?

    Hello there !!!

    first of all call that teacher who is doing such an anti social activities indirectly.
    if you know that he too a person to be accused. ok??

    now ask him directly about his intentions.
    if he makes any excuse than tell him that, your
    information has been passed to all the people including me about
    your intentions.so it will be better for you not to repeat this act, otherwise you will be getting fired.

    this will surely help you to have a control over him.
    hope i am clear to you.
    thanks for posting in EALP.
    pushp ranjan singh

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