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    Action against ragging in colleges

    I am the administrative officer of boys hostel of a college. Recently it has come to my notice that few students were indulged in ragging of a junior. As declared by Indian Laws,it is a punishable offence,so they deserve punishment. What sort of punishment should be given to them keeping in mind their future and good reputation of the college?

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    Re: Action against ragging in colleges

    well ragging is banned legally and in most of the colleges a legal affidavit on the name of the student's father and father's father , ie; grandfather is submitted in the early stage of admissions only. if this rule is not followed the case by the ragged student can be filed up and that would not be good for the reputation of the college. you should complain against those students to the management , otherwise if the ragged student took a step whole college would suffer with this.your college authorities have the right to terminate or rusticate the students. you should always report the ragging incident as it is considered as a crime. law of our country would decide what to do, but you should report this.


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    Re: Action against ragging in colleges

    Ragging is one of the big problem that the modern society is bearing and the worse thing is the source of this problem is the people of society.It refers to bullying and torturing of students by other students especially the seniors.It is sad to know that there has ragging incidents in your college.You should definitely take certain measures to stop all types of such activities in your college.

    -First of all form a anti-ragging squad and go for surprise checking during the odd hours.
    -Spread anti-ragging awareness in the entire college.
    -As far as the punishment is concerned,you should take strict action but you have to keep in mind the future of the students involved in ragging as well.
    -Report the entire issue to the higher authority.
    -Call the students and ask them to show cause for such acts.
    -You may impose fine if it is not a high concern or may suspend the students from college and hostel.
    -You can also permanently rusticate them from hostel.
    -While taking decision you should remember that if you take a vary harsh step,then those students can further threaten the ragged student in order to take revenge.So the action should not be too strict or too lenient.

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    Re: Action against ragging in colleges

    Good Morning sir
    sir, ragging is a big problem nowadays in colleges. Sir, students do the ragging of juniors to make them more comfortable with them and with the new environment but they also do not when they start hurting the students. firstly, when i got admission in my college , i also have a fear of ragging and i also gave ragging but seniors always try not to heart our feelings. they call us daily and say that ragging is just a meeting to call you all at one place and make you all enjoy the new atmosphere. sir , this type of ragging which promote the potential and inside hidden talent of students is necessary . but students which cross the limits should be punished by imposing fine , rustication. but imposing fine just give financial problem to there parents not them. and rustication can harm there future and there parents dreams and hard work. so , according to me they should be given punishment of attending the class with juniors along with them for 2 weeks.
    this surely make them feel guilty of doing wrong and an declaration should also be taken from them that if the repeat the same they will be rusticated from the college.
    Thank You

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