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    Action against employees for improper use of toilets

    I am the manager of a private firm.Recently few of my employees have complained against two employees stating that they are not using the office toilets properly. They often keep the toilets dirty and as a result creates disturbance for the other employees. What action can be taken against such employees?

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    Re: Action against employees for improper use of toilets

    Although this is not a serious problem yet it needs to be solved for making proper working environment inside the office as well as to make the employees comfortable.You,being the manager should look into this matter and solve this as soon as possible for the betterment of your firm as well as your employees.

    -You should first check what is the real problem that the employees are facing.
    -Check upto what degree the complaint is correct.
    -After checking everything,you can summon the concerned person responsible for a meeting.
    -Explain the entire problem to him.
    -Do not disclose the names of the employees who had complained.
    -Explain how his acts are creating trouble for the rest employees.
    -Make him understand the necessity of good toilet conditions for better work culture.
    -Suggest him measures how to improve.
    -Request him to not repeat the same mistakes again.

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    Re: Action against employees for improper use of toilets

    Hai,Keeping the toilets clean and hygenely is very important in a office condition..As an office is usually of a little space if its not clean it will seriously affect the whole office and spoil the good mood of the employees..The employees should know their duty it this matter..Actually there is no need of saying it but they themselves should know their responsibility..If view wont follow it then a serious warning should be given saying that charge will be cut from their salary for the maintainence..Thank you..

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    Re: Action against employees for improper use of toilets

    cleanliness is really very important for good health. you should check the real problem. what is really going on in there. and then try to sort out the issue. if some of your employees are keeping it dirty then you should take some action against him. make them understand to not do such act . your should properly take care of cleaning issue too.

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