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    Action against an employee who went to jail

    I am a manager of a private firm. Recently an employee of our firm was arrested due to some personal causes. As a result,the position held by him is now vacant. What action should be taken against him ? Shall we wait for his bail or do fresh recruitment in his position?

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    Re: Action against an employee who went to jail

    Hi aspirant

    I think such an employee is certainly bad for the reputation of your company if he remains in your company. But as they say everyone should be given a second chance. So you should try to investigate and thus find out whether your employee is really guilty in this matter or he is just being unnecessarily dragged into this case. If he is not guilty then you should not terminate his service. Or you can also wait for his bail to know the truth from his own mouth.

    If he is guilty then you should immediately terminate his services and start the recruitment process to fill his position. But if not then you must give him another chance and allow him to keep his job. You can employee someone on a temporary basis until he is not available due to the court matters. Such people who have court cases going on against them can destroy the reputation of your company and thus should not be entertained. They should be removed as soon as possible once you come to know about such a thing.Thats why people with a criminal background dont get any job.

    I hope you understand my point. Good luck and Thanks

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