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    Action against employee who takes frequent leaves?

    I am the boss of a private company. There is an employee in my office who takes frequent leaves. He requests for leaves with reasons on which I am compelled to grant leave. It is increasing day by day. What action should I take to control this type of activities?

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    Re: Action against employee who takes frequent leaves?

    Hi aspirant

    You should definitely not let that employee take undue advantage of your leniency and certainly punish him for taking leaves so frequently or atleast reprimand him for the same. Once his quota of leaves are over then he will be compelled to stop taking leaves otherwise he will have to lose his pay. So in any case he will get the punishment for taking leaves so frequently. But if his reasons for taking them are really genuine then i don't think he is doing it intentionally.

    But anyways, you should call him to your office. Tell him that you have noticed him to be taking leaves very frequently from the past few days. Although his reasons are genuine but he should realise that in this way his leaves will get over very early and then he will be left with no leaves if there is an emergency later on. So he should see to it that he is not wasting his leaves unnecessarily and take them only when he needs it. Also you want him to complete all his pending work soon and thus report to you with that. Otherwise you will be forced to take some action against him.

    I am sure this will be enough to make him realise his mistake and then he will only take leaves whenever it is of utmost necessity. Good luck and Thanks

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    Re: Action against employee who takes frequent leaves?

    Dear aspirant,
    Don't forget you are boss .you have to be strict for your employees if next time that employee come with reason you have to say him strictly that your salary will be deducted with some amount or fire him from job.may be he is trying to take advantage of your good nature but i am sure if you create some new restricted leave policy he will not come frequently for leave.i hope my ideas will work for you.

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