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    Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    I am working as an HR in a private firm. One of our employees hasnít come to the office for the past 15 days. He was a part of a very important project. He didnít inform anyone and when we contacted at his residence there was no satisfactory response. What action should i take in such a case?

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    This is a concerning problem as it depicts various negative aspects of the employee.It depicts his carelessness,it also raises questions about his sense of responsibility and also his professionalism.So,you should take some action against the employee.However,keeping in mind that he is important member and there can be some unforeseen reason which might compel him to be unable to communicate,you should be little lenient while taking some action.

    -First of all,send a letter to his address enquiring about him.
    -Also mention that he is asked to come soon or communicate soon.
    -In case he does not within a stipulated time,the company will employ some other candidates in his position.
    -Till then you keep a part time employee.
    -You might also ask any of your employee to just handle the absent employee's position till new recruitment is done.
    -If there is no response within the stipulated time you can opt for recruitment of new employee and also send a notice concerning this to the absent employee's address.

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?


    As you said the employee was a part of important project, you must check again at his residence and ask for a specific reason why isn't he coming to office.
    He must be in some trouble so you should hire some other employee on his behalf for few days.
    Or it may also be possible that he has left his job, in such case you must present the need to communicate to him at his house.
    It may be so because you did not get any appropriate response from his home.
    Such cases occur mostly when employee doesn't want to work in the company.
    The situation must be dealt seriuosly

    Yet , if he doesn't contact you must give final warning in letter.
    Still if you do not get any response from him , then you can hire someone else for the project.

    Hope this helps you out

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    You should take action agains t him as per the procedures laid out in your company
    But ideally you have to send an official letter at his residence asking him to rejoin withing 5 days and also ask him to tell the reasons as to why he has not coming to office without informing
    If you do not receive the reply for the official letter send to him than you can terminate him from the services.
    You have to send the letter of termination to his address
    Also all his benefits and money that was due should also not be given to him

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    As you have done your job by contacting to his residence, you have all possible reasons to take strict actions against him. There can be many reasons due to which he is not attending office. Like he might have left the job for a new one and thus doesn't want to be in contact with you and your company so that he won't have to follow the guidelines regarding leaving the office. Or there could be some genuine reason also due to which he was not able to inform you. But as you have already tried to contact him your job is over there.

    The only thing you can do right now is that you can terminate him and try to find other person who can be incorporated in his place for completing the project. As it is an important project so you must first think about managing the project till its successful completion. You can also take any legal actions against him as per the bond signed by the company and the particular employee if he has left the company.

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    Sir if you have seen that there is an employee not coming to company for work from past 15 days then you must take right action against this because this is completely unfair behavior shown by that employee that can not be accepted and avoided by any person in the company and mainly by project leader and team members so this is your duty that you must take action against that employee

    Before taking any action, you should try to do everything to contact him and also send someone at his residence and if he could not be found then ask from everyone of the company because may be that there is any personal work that he told to anyone and someone may have personal contact number of him so you may contact to that employee and before going to decide anything, you should call a meeting with higher authorities and talk over this issue including project team and leader and whatever they say will be final so you can decide what you have to do with him and also Email him over this matter because there may be anything wrong in life so if he does not response on Email ID too then you may terminate his services for sometime but not for entire life because until you get a proper reason that why he left without informing to the company, you can not take any action against him because may be that he return and mention the proper cause but do not wait more than 1 month and if do not come then you may terminate his all services

    All the best

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    Re: Action against an employee who hasn't come to office for the past 15 days?

    Hi friend,

    I think this is not correct you can late your decision
    You can definitely take action because your employee hasn't come to office for the last 15 days.
    So you can take the action and told them
    You can termination letter send to your employee address

    all the best.............

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    Re: Action against an employee who hasnít come to office for the past 15 days?

    when an employee hasn't been to office with any prior information then its quite irresponsible behavior you should not tolerate this action by the employee.. when you have called his residence there is no response from him i don't think this good at his part.. you should wait and watch in his matter when he comes again to office you should issue show cause notice for his absence he needs to reply for it immediately.. you cannot depend on him about any office work if he does not inform the company about his absence its not fair

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