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    Action against doctor for giving wrong treatment to the patients

    I own a nursing home. Recently it has come to my notice that one of our doctors is having issues in his personal life. On account of that,he is not performing his duty properly. Cases have come up in which he is giving wrong treatment to his patients. How to deal with this situation?

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    Re: Action against doctor for giving wrong treatment to the patients


    A doctor is supposed to provide the right treatment to his patients.He is called the life saver while your doctor may harm or compromise the patients life by providing them with wrong treatment.He must be very careful in giving medicines to the patients.This could even lead to police case against the doctor or your nursing home if the patient has suffered severely due to wrong treatment.Sometimes it may lead to death of the patients.

    You must talk to that doctor.Tell him that he must go on a leave or will be dismissed for few day due to such behavior.If he has personal problems than the patients life should not be taken lightly. Tell him to come to the nursing home after he feels better and uptill then take a leave. Also mention that you cannot risk every ones life just because of his personal problems.

    Explain him that every one has personal problems .But they must kept well away from professional life. Personal matters must not interfere in the professional working otherwise whole career may be at stake.

    So he must start focusing on his work from the day itself.If he makes one more mistake then give him leave for few days.This will help him get over his mental problem and then after leave he will work well again.

    Good luck

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    Re: Action against doctor for giving wrong treatment to the patients

    Giving wrong treatment to the patient is a big criminal offence and that will lead to the case of irresponsible behaviour of the doctor towards the patient so never leave the doctor for such mistake.
    Make sure before taking the action you need to give the proof for the same because without any proof no one can help you out, so if you have any of the prescriptions by the doctors which proves that he was giving a wrong treatment then you need to show that to the district medical board and file an case against the doctor for doing the same because its a sensitive matter .
    If by chance patient loose his life due to the same then who will be responsible for that, obviously doctor.
    But they ask to fill the form in which they force us to ewrite that doctor will be not responsible for the sudden death.
    So my suggestion is that drag that doctor to the court till the time he is not get treated from there.
    once he will not get the treatment you should not leave him anymore.

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