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    Abusive HR manager on seeking any query

    I work with PSU back and on seeking any query, company’s Human Resource manager uses foul language and expletive body language. I have dropped hints a couple of times to stay sober but he threatens subtly to ruin my career in the company. How should I deal with this situation of in house bully.

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    Re: Abusive HR manager on seeking any query

    It is really annoying to hear that people at such high positions do not understand their role in the organization and try to bully the employees by taking undue advantage of the fact that they have great power. If the employees do not rebuke against such ill treatment then it is the mistake of the employees because I feel that people who do not raise their voice against the injustice done to them are greater fools than people who do injustice.

    I strongly feel that you since you have already taken the first step by dropping hints a couple of times you should go a step ahead by being straight forward and telling the manager that this is not what you will tolerate and every employee deserves to be treated properly. You should not be strong and stand up for yourself because if you do not then he will keep taking undue advantage of you. You should not fear the fact that he can ruin your career because you know how efficiently you work and if you are honest to your work then nobody can remove you from your job.

    Incase the Human Resource Manager continues to use foul language then you should report the matter to the CEO of PSU. These days it is very important to stand up against the wrong rather than just bearing the behaviour of a bully and crying silently to yourself. I am sure that the CEO will take strict action against the HR Manager. Incase he doesn't then you should give a resignation letter and cite bad behaviour towards you as the cause of your resignation. I don't see any point in continuing in a company where there is unjust treatment of the employees and hence no scope for personal growth. I hope strict action is taken against you HR Manager and justice prevails! All the best.

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    Re: Abusive HR manager on seeking any query

    This is the most general and regular problem faced by the employees in companies, I recommend you to please do not get down and do not compromise at all with your self respect. Self respect it the first and foremost thing in life. I also recommend you to do not sit silently, but I suggest you to please write a application letter to your senior management mentioning about your HR's behavior and you should also ask for proper justification. If your HR ever repeats the same behavior then you can move to court, demanding your "RIGHT TO RESPECT" as per our Indian constitution.So, once again, never compromise with your self respect.

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    Re: Abusive HR manager on seeking any query

    hello friends....

    this is most common problem faced by employees in the organization so i will suggest to you will not compromise yourself at all situations.

    self respect is the first and foremost thing in life. do not sit as silently,but i suggest you to please write a application letter to your senior authorities

    mentioning about the your HR's behavior they will take care about that matter an you also ask for proper justification so do not get down

    all the best

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