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    8th sem internship for 6th months? Company offering post internship recruitment?

    Hi everyone,
    I am pursuing B.Tech 7th semester from M.D.U . After my 7th semester, i have 6 months intership instead of 8th semester study and exams. This internship is a very important step in my life as the college is asking us to do internship in such a company that can recruit us post-internship
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    Re: 8th sem internship for 6th months? Company offering post internship recruitment?

    Dear friend firstly i would like to congratulate you about your intership.

    An internet should be must as i think for an engineering graduate during his course of study.

    This makes sure that when candidate comes to the profession he/she does not feel more trouble.

    An intership is then oppertunity when student has opptunity to his his knowledge towards work.

    As far as doing intership with the company which is offering post intership requirement i would not recommend to do this.

    What you should look for is the quality of the intership and good quality intership can be provided by good companies.

    A good company may not offer post intership requirement but the knowledge gathered during the internet will help you a lot during your career.

    Now again goodluck for your carrer and the last semester exams.



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