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    From 2 year my salary hike not been done for a single rupee

    I have been working in this company from past 4 years. They have increased my salary for 2 years accurately, but past 2 years there is no increment in my salary. Our companyís financial position is very good in market and has earned lot of profits recently. I have been asking my manager about this, but even they are not responding properly.

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    Re: From 2 year my salary hike not been done for a single rupee

    Salary are increaed in each company for the employees based on the Annual Appraisal that is held.
    Now you need to see, if your Performance has been good or not during the last two years.
    Once you become senior and you ahve a decent salary and than you need to continuosly raise your performance to get good ratings during the appraisal.

    Speak to your Manager gaian and ask him specific questions as to why your salary is not being increased.
    Ask him for the Feedback-if it is due to performance or any other issue.

    If you still not get any better response, than i woiuld suggest that you should try to look out for better jobs outside this company.

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    Re: From 2 year my salary hike not been done for a single rupee

    Hi.. I think you must tackle this situation effectively and try to talk your manager or other officials of the company into telling you the reason that why you didn't get a hike for the last 2 yrs..

    Firstly try to get out a reason for this happening from your manager or HR and then only take further action..

    Maybe you havent met their expectations in the last 2 years or maybe its due to negligence on their part..

    Firstly find the proper reason and then ask them for a hike if you think you deserve it..

    Best of luck.. Thanks

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    Re: From 2 year my salary hike not been done for a single rupee

    hello friends...

    first go and contact HR regarding this problem he help you to fir that problem he will provide the all the information about salary and why they not giving also

    they will your negative and positives and performance also that's why they are not providing any hike in salary

    if your performance is good they will automatically increment your salary

    all the best

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